Talking to your kids about sex


Dan Oakes – Talking with Your Kids About Sex from Dan Oakes on Vimeo.

Build relationship above all else….

    • Show affection and love for him/or her on a regular basis
    • Know that they will come to you for help or information

Teach them early and consistently: progressive developmental facts

    • 8ish years old  “Just the facts”   You are the source of accurate sexual info
    • 11ish  years old  “What is happening to me”  puberty prep
    • 13ish years old    “touch who …when?”  boundaries
    • 16ish  “We are just gonna hang out”  dating prep and rules
    • Focus on development as well as morality
    • Don’t mistake normal development for addictive or compulsive behavior
    • Talk regularly and positively about sexual feelings

Model and demonstrate strong and abiding affection and respect 

    • For your spouse
    • For your children

If they do have pornographic contact 

    • Use questions to help them understand the dilemma they feel of
    • Physical Intensity v. Emotional Confusion

Suggested Books