Is pornography addiction real? Listen to the evidence from Dr. Don Hilton.

Is sex and pornography addiction real?  The biological and medical evidence is real.  Listen to Dr. Hilton and the emphatic evidence he presents.


Pornography Addiction: A supranormal stimulus considered in the context of neuroplasticity from Pornography Harms on Vimeo.

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How to talk to your kids about sex.

Dan appears on the local TBN channel to discuss “How to talk to your kids about sex”.

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Helping Children Love Learning

Helping our children to love learning is critical in the early years. This helps to produce kids that are capable and resilient in our family and in our culture.

I will add to Dr. Perry’s comments that school and learning will never feel fun compared to hours of daily video games and TV watching. These behaviors constitute over-stimulation of the brain.

Normative behaviors like learning and critical thinking will always feel boring and even painful to the child who’s brain is over-stimulated in these ways.

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The UK is serious about protecting children from pornography.

UK Prime Minister just announced that most households in the UK will have pornography blocked by their internet provider UNLESS they choose to receive it. In addition, the prime minister said possessing online pornography depicting rape would become illegal in England and Wales – in line with Scotland. I applaud this move by the UK and encourage President Obama and Internet providers in the US to follow suit.

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Deseret News and Pornography Addiction

Deseret News addressing pornography as the public health crisis that it is.  A must read.  They quote on of my favorite researches, Gary Wilson.  Excellent presentation of the issue.

Ubiquitous assailant: The dangerous unasked questions surrounding pornography

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Parenting Teenagers or Not

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” starts the classic novel The Tale of Two  Cities.  It could also be, for any parent with teenagers, the beginning of a daily journal entry.  Teenagers can be so wonderful, fun and fulfilling.  As parents we begin to see a glimpse of the adult that will soon blossom from the beautiful, irritating, fantastic, mess that a teenager can be.  We love them but they can drive us crazy.  Mostly we know they are just trying to figure things out and we stand by trying to figure them out.  For the days when you feel like you just can’t get parenting a teenager right here is a video that puts it all out there so well.

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